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Many patients suffer from bruxism, an involuntary grinding of the teeth and clenching of the jaw that often occurs during sleep. Over time, bruxism will wear down your teeth, possibly through the enamel, resulting in exposed dentin. A properly fitted nightguard can protect the teeth from the discomfort associated with bruxism

Symptoms of Bruxism


Jaw Pain

TMJ Pain

Gum Recession

Frequently Asked Questions

About Nightguards

How can I prevent the adverse effects of bruxism?
A nightguard is the best way to prevent the adverse effects of bruxism
What is a nightguard?
A night guard is a very thin mouthguard worn overnight to protect and prevent worn-down teeth.
Are nightguards uncomfortable?
Nightguards are made from very a very thin material that should not disrupt your sleep. If you feel the nightguard is not fitted properly, we can make the necessary adjustments to ensure comfort.
Can I just buy a nightguard from the store?
We fabricate custom-fitted night guards for our patients, created from an impression of the mouth. This ensures proper fit, ultimate comfort, and the best protection for your teeth.

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